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Red Chalk Drawing

Red chalk is a mix of china clay and hematite ranging from dark red to terra cotta. Through the hand movement, Red Chalk Drawing is like writing. It’s a spontaneous act, being the first draft of a thought nearly told in confidence, in which the Artist let her feelings and instincts lead her hand. Painting, quite the contrary, leaves little to chance. Line Drawing does not allow you to draw under false pretenses. Its bare function is to keep the initial inspiration intact. Expressed feelings are then more crucials than the strokes themselves.

Red Chalk Drawing is an art and a recognised technique such as oil painting.

Drawing is both an intellectual and symbolic act, like calligraphed letters or a hieroglyph.

Movement, life and all those mysterious circumstances of Human nature forging personnality, don’t need many lines to show on paper.

Line creates an obvious sense of complicity between the hand and the paper.

It is in a simple line drawing that we meet the personnality of the artist, her presence, delivered without hesitation and pretention.

Drawing belongs to the « untold » world, in just the same way as we wonder about what is behind a handwriting.

Under this intimate form, it appears as so personal, so charming, that it comes as no surprise that it is now of interest of many collectors.

Red Chalk Drawing is a complex language that speaks for itself.

The Hare by Albrecht Dürer (1502) is a true masterpiece. Drawing is freedom, and under extreme simplicity, it represents the culmination of the artist’s thoughts and talent.

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